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Talk Like a Millennial

Millennial sign boardClues for Talking with Millennials

This, 2015 is the year the Millennial generation begins to outnumber the Baby Boomers.

Every business owner who remembers car phones in bags needs to come to grip with this life-altering fact, because the Millennial communication style will be driving the market for a long time to come.

Saying this generation has, “almost a digital sixth sense,” the US Chamber of Commerce released study findings to help businesses understand this up-and-coming generation.

Here are a few of them:
• Millennials switch their attention between devices 27 times per hour. That is 10 times more than other generations.
Selfies• They are the masters of self-expression. About 75 percent of those studied have created profiles on social networking sites with selfies and videos.
• Approximately 59 percent get their main source of news from the Internet.
• Of those studied, 80 percent report sleeping with their cell phone next to them.
• Their purchasing power is growing. Between their direct purchasing power and indirect, meaning supported by their baby-boomer parents, they dump more than $700 billion into the economy.

Their umbilical cord-like attachment to their mobile device may annoy the daylights out of Boomers, but all Millennials are looking for is a little respect. Provide quality information in easy-to-consume nuggets on social platforms they can relate to and you are on to something good.

Here are some pointers from Entrepreneur Magazine as well as from other Millennial experts.

• Communication is a two-way street.

“Millennials are eager to interact with brands and want to build relationships with them,” the magazine stated.

The 24-7 access mobile devices provide allows them to connect and comment immediately and publicly. So, developing a two-way dialog is of growing importance.

Do not try to just make a sale. Make a relationship. This requires listening to their needs and responses.

• Do not dumb down your message.

Millennials are a well-educated and tech savvy bunch. If your message is less than reliable they will call you on it.

• Be a little playful in your content.

“The media they love is a combination of goofy, earnest and confident,” stated Entrepreneur Magazine.

They are not funnier than other generations, but Millennials are deluged by messages at every turn. Add in the explosion of memes, Vines and catchy videos, this generation enjoys the uniqueness of something lighthearted.

• Variety in content
Provide information in a variety of ways using video, audio and copy. When delivered in a flexible and mobile way, it helps them keep pace with their own fast moving lives.

• Bullets

Millennials love bullets…not the kind that come out of a gun…the kind they can find in your messages. Make sure messages are easily digestible because no one reads online the way we read in print.

As they age, more Millennials will be your ideal client. If you understand how they are changing the media landscape, instead of sounding like the crabby, “get off my lawn” guy, you can develop a know, like, trust relationship and keep your sales funnel full of potential.


Janet D. Garraty

Janet D. Garraty

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