Quality Update: Google’s New No-No’s
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Quality Update: Google’s New No-No’s

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Coming to a Site Really Near You…Yours!

By Janet Garraty

Earlier this month, Google quietly rolled out a new update to their algorithms called, “Quality Update.”
This latest update is Google’s continuing effort to improve the search experience for users. If they also get the chance razz the SEO guys, then they probably think that’s a bonus.

For the rest of us business owners, we can keep up with the changes by publishing more useful, relevant content and less tricks generating more useless Internet noise.

According to my content expert pals at Contently, the tricks below are going to be Google’s new no-no’s for content marketing strategies on your website.
• Redundant content
• Thin content
• Self-starting videos
• Banner ads
• 404 Errors

I don’t know about you, but I am doing the happy dance over the end of those self-starting videos. 

Redundant content

This is going to be a tad tricky. Certain information does need to be repeated in your site. For instance, you list your services on one page, but you may mention some of them again on your About page. If your are cranking out the same material over and over again however, that will affect a visitor’s experience. Stop doing that.

Thin content

This means your stuff is pretty shallow, not very useful to the visitor. If you are relying on low quality blog banks, affiliate links that visitors find useless or endless page links that you foolishly think helps your SEO, Google will be discouraging you with lower rank.

View this Google’s Search Help desk VIDEO to learn what they mean by “thin.”

Banner Ads

As always, you have to have a good ratio between banner ads and other content. Watch that your ads are not interfering with the content on your site, and the top of your site is not loaded with them. Also, the more banner ad images on the site, the longer it takes a page to load, another ranking criteria for Google.

A few weeks back I told you about Google’s research into ranking websites based more on truthful information the site contains rather than its quality links. While this latest update does not accomplish that, it looks like Google is moving in that direction at a good pace.

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Janet D. Garraty

Janet D. Garraty

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