Evangelizing Customers Key in Content Strategy
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Evangelizing Customers Key in Content Strategy

Customer evangelism. It is a term that takes testimonials to the next level by getting the clients who love you to actively sell for you.

Content marketing experts from Content Marketing Institute gathered recently to discuss this topic and said businesses should focus their content strategy on the bottom of the sales funnel as much as they do for the top.

By offering valuable content and experiences for the loyal audience you already have, experts agreed that you not only solidify your brand you also give them reasons to shout your praises.

No one on the panel talked about the secret sauce of how to get them to talk about you or what exactly you can get them to say. But, Carla Harris, a Wall Street executive with Global Wealth Management and Morgan Stanley has a pretty good idea about driving a particular message.

When Carla overheard her boss’s concern that she may not be tough enough for negotiations, she went on an office-wide campaign to change that perception. With each colleague that asked for her assistance or advice, she would say, “Well, you know I’m tough.” Whenever the opportunity arose for her to say it, she would.

It worked and Carla became one of her company’s primary negotiators for IPO’s.

The panel experts all concluded that a big part of content marketing is focusing on the audience you already own and who already love you.

Treat this particular audience like a subscriber base and continue to find ways to serve them with the kind of content they find useful and relevant.

You should also make it easy for them to share these pieces of content with their family, friends and colleagues.

All the experts on this panel said that evangelizing your customers/audience/clients will be a key performance indicator of a business’s marketing efforts in the years ahead.

See the full interview HERE. 


Janet D. Garraty

Janet D. Garraty

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