Blog Post Writing? Use Your 5 Senses
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Blog Post Writing? Use Your 5 Senses

You Can Almost Smell a Good Blog Post

By Janet Garraty

“The real me wanted to get on the floor and sit pretzel-legged and tell stories of the kids we were helping, to make those kids want to help – to ignite their glow.”

I really like this sentence. I heisted it from a post written by one of my smarty-pants colleagues, Nicole DeFeo on her blog called, Girl Power.

What I love about it is she sets the scene for the reader. Nicole does not just say she wanted to sit with the kids, she wanted to sit, “pretzel-legged,” with them. I got the picture and I wanted to read more.

In this sentence, Nicole uses the power of vision to engage her readers.

It also illustrates the point that when using one of your five senses, you have a better chance to make an emotional connection with your readers.

The senses are features most humans have, some better than others. So, when you deploy them in your writing you really give the reader an opportunity to connect with you in the story.

If you are writing about food, consider using a sense of smell. If you are talking about playing a sport, use your mind’s eye and get them to feel the sweat.

Hearing and taste can be used the same way.

I often use the example of the sticky ice cream cone. With that one word, sticky, you allow the reader that sensationas well as a visual of melting ice cream running down the cone and onto his or her hand.

Writing takes time. Good writing takes more time. Slow down your thoughts when crafting your piece and think about what comes to mind for you. Then try to express it to the reader too.

Using the senses in expressing your point of view is a little like accessorizing an outfit or a room. Expressing a taste or a sound serves as a point of interest for a sentence and paragraph, much like a pretty necklace does on a neck or painting in a room.

The descriptions keep the reader engaged and more likely to finish the article or blog post.

If you can get them to do that time and time again, you will further connect with your audience and grow their loyalty.

When you spend the time thinking about how to engage the reader, rather than just telling him or her what YOU want to convey, you show them the respect they deserve. Over time, they will return the favor.



Janet D. Garraty

Janet D. Garraty

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