I called my content development services, Write It Like You Mean It because that is what readers want. They also want you to get to the point…fast.

Having written thousands of news articles, feature stories and even police blotters as a reporter for a local newspaper in Southern New Jersey, I learned one really important fact.

Write the first three sentences that hooks the reader. If you do not, you will lose them.

I help clients generate more leads by developing, writing or managing their content the same way my newsroom editors wanted me to manage mine; make it compelling, easy to read and get the reader to care about it.

You spend good money on your website and all your other marketing materials. Make it work harder for you, instead of the other way around.

My clients are small to medium sized businesses that manage the following:

  • Website & Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters (Emailed & Printed)
  • Social Media Content and LinkedIn Profiles
  • eBooks
  • Printed Magazines or other Material
  • Presentations and Speeches

You can hire me to help you with these services by the hour, by the workshop, or by the project. By the end of it, you will sound less like Charlie Brown’s teacher and more like the smart and experienced professional you are.

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A little more about Janet

Janet D. Garraty

Janet D. Garraty

The best thing about working in a newsroom was learning how other people tick. Some folks are pretty quirky, but everyone has a story.

Little did I know that using my instincts and skill set as an insurance fraud investigator would pay off when I landed the job as a community newspaper reporter 15 years ago.

Having learned how NOT to bury the lead, write on deadline and all the other intricacies about putting a publication together, I eventually launched my own print magazine.

Responding to the readership convergence to online, I relaunched the magazine under a new banner, Go Jane News.

Five years in and after lots of talks on writing better content, a client blurted, “Why aren’t you teaching this? Why aren’t you selling this?”

Great questions, right? Right.

So, in 2013 I put my old reporter hat back on, sat down and began developing services to help people tell their stories and write it in a way that makes them sound human again.

I have partnered with some smart search engine optimization (SEO), social media, videographers and web design professionals to help me help you position your unique story in the marketplace.

Contact me today to improve how you and your staff communicate with potential clients.

Do not bury your lead. Let’s get your audience’s attention. They need your services. When you Write It Like You Mean It, they come to the same conclusion.

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